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Do you ever feel embarrassed about even taking your dog to the vet or
--ironically--the groomer, because of the current state of your pets fu

Did you just read that last sentence and think about all the reasons your pets coat has gotten out of hand?

Took a trip and left your pup with your sister for a mont
h? (...of course she forgot to brush!)

Did your pup spend all summer swimming down at the dog beach, air-drying off before you got a chance to dry/brush out those tangles?

While recovering from a surgery did your cat struggle to self-groom their behind?

Have you been brushing that fluffy top-fur but didn't realize you probably needed a metal comb to get down the the roots?

Seriously, there are tons of reasons people may struggle to maintain their pets high-maintenance fur between grooming appointments, and it DOESN'T mean you've failed,
don't worry--this is a judgement-free zone, my friends.

Keep reading, because trust me, you're not alone.

Layyyla, Ya Got me On my knees...

My dogs have always had pretty short, easy maintenance fur.

But ah, with Layla, my beautiful long-haired cat with a coat like a fluffy rain cloud, how I struggled. Before I stepped into the grooming industry, maintaining her fur had me feeling stumped and overwhelmed.

Layla, bless her, would end up with chunky mats in her armpits, legs, chest, and belly, looking more like a scruffy grey tumbleweed than the majestic feline she is.


I remember those early days, armed with a brush and clippers, on my hands and knees, trying to chase her around the house.

It was like a comedy show, except neither of us were laughing. Layla, wise in her ways, quickly figured out that under the bed was her safe haven from my well-intend
ed but clumsy grooming attempts.

Then came the day I took her to a professional groomer.

It was an eye-opener! Seeing her so well-groomed, I realized I needed to step up my game.

I learned that keeping her coat smooth and mat-free wasn't just about her looking good – it was about her feeling comfortable and saving my wallet from those pesky matting surcharges.


That was the start of our journey to stress-free, at-home fur upkeep – a game-changer for both Layla and me (and her pro groomer Jennie!) 


So honestly, do feel like you’re in over your head when it comes to maintaining your pet's fur at home between grooming appointments?


Don't worry, I’ve been there too.

As a pet owner and grooming salon owner, I’ve seen it all – and I’m here to share my professional tips with you in a guide for fuss-free grooming upkeep.

I really Wanted to help Pet owners with these common issues, So I created a guide that spills some SIMPLE industry secrets to

Eliminate Grooming Anxiety... Learn how to calm both yourself and your pet during home grooming maintenance.

Save Money... Never worry about paying de-matting fees again

Understand Your Dog’s Unique Coat Needs... Tailor your grooming routine for their specific coat type.

Boost Your Dog’s Health and Appearance... Keep your pet looking and feeling great between professional grooms.

Simple Solutions for Matting... Learn how to prevent and gently remove mats.

Enjoy Bonding Over Grooming... Turn grooming time into quality time with your dog.

Get the Haircut You Actually Want... When you upkeep your pet's fur at home, you can prevent the groomer needing to shave down your pup when you actually wanted a fluffy Instagram-worthy style.


Okay, so I did put a lot of time and thought into this e-book -- however I wanted to make this easy and affordable to access.


So for a limited time I'm offering it for a special rate...
$29 --> $7

Just think about it – for just $7, you’re getting years of professional grooming knowledge and personal grooming experience packed into one easy guide. Literally for the price of a latte!


This is the kind of info that’ll not just help you and your pup have a better association with the process, but will also save you from those extra matting-charges at the groomer’s and make every session even more enjoyable.

Grab this SPECIAL offer now!

This is your chance to transform your grooming routine and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Don’t wait – your dog’s perfect coat and stress-free grooming sessions are just a click away.


Busting Grooming Myths

Learn the truth behind common misconceptions about at-home maintenence, and why it's essential for your pet's well-being.


Ease Grooming Stress

Master techniques to soothe both you and your dog or cat during grooming sessions at home.


Cut Down on Costs

Say goodbye to extra charges for removing mats from your pets's coat.


Personalized Grooming Regimens

Customize your grooming approach based on your dog’s specific coat type.


Enhance Your Dog’s Well-Being and Look

Maintain your dog's excellent health and appearance between professional grooming appointments.

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