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  • Up to 5 hours of daycare

    5 hr

    30 US dollars
  • Up to 8-11 hours of daycare (ask us about extended day eligibility)

    8 hr

    40 US dollars
  • Prepay for 10 full days Save 12.5%

    350 US dollars

Puppy  Social  Sundays

Introducing Puppy Social Sundays! Join us on select Sundays from 9:30am to 11am for a fun and interactive socialization session for puppies up to 7 months. Our experienced staff will be here to answer all your puppy questions and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

Your lil baby will have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies in a small, supervised group. Puppy socials provide a much more controlled setting than dog parks. All puppies must be up-to-date on their age-appropriate vaccinations. Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor areas, so your pup can play in a secure and comfortable environment.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet other local puppy owners and help your puppy develop important social skills.

Limited spots available, reserve your spot today!

No upcoming events at the moment


At Brooklyn Paw House, we offer professional grooming services for dogs and cats. Our experienced groomers take the utmost care in providing quality bathing, brushing, and trimming services for your beloved pets.

Note: All priced listed below are base prices, additional rate increase (to be determined by groomer) may incur for dogs with matted fur, impacted undercoats, or very heavy coats.


pomeranian grooming
Small dog grooming teddy bear
cocker spaniel grooming
aussie grooming





(Under 7lbs)

Full Groom: $80

Full Bath: $60 base


Full Groom: $90

Full Bath: $65 base


Full Groom: $97

Full Bath: $70 base


Full Groom: $101

Full Bath: $75 base

Shetland Sheepdog



Full Groom: $107

Full Bath: $80 base

golden retriever grooming



Full Groom: $115 Base

Full Bath: $85 base

doodle grooming


(Doodles, Poodles, Double Coated, Long Coat, etc. 35+lbs)

Full Groom: $140-160



Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing, Haircut or Shave, Paw Pad Shave/Trim, Sanitary Shave, Ear Cleaning, Nails Trimmed & Filed, Teeth brushed, Anal glands expressed.

Our Full Grooms are now ALL INCLUSIVE. If there is an included service you'd like us to omit you may inform the groomer, however the price will remain the same. 


Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim/File, Anal Glands, Teeth Brushed

(All baths include nails/teeth/glands (No prorating for omitting services)

You may also choose to add any of our a la carte trimming services)


Wet Cat
lion cut.jpg







Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing,  Styled "Lion" Shave, Sanitary Shave, Ear Cleaning, Claws Trimmed

A lion cut for a cat is a specific type of grooming style where the cat's fur is shaved or trimmed down to varying lengths, depending on the desired effect. The resulting appearance is similar to that of a lion, the body fur is clipped low, leaving a full mane of fur around the head and neck, boots on the legs, and a pom on the tip of tail. 

This style is usually done for long-haired cats to help keep their fur from matting or getting too long and causing discomfort or health problems. It can also be done as a creative and unique grooming style for any type of cat.

Bath Only

Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Claws Trimmed



Due to the transition into the new location, we are not fully set up for boarding yet, and our boarding accommodations are currently being prepared.

Until it is fully ready we are not offering overnight boarding services.  

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